We are a design studio focused on the development of new materials and techniques for building concepts.

This Pavilion blends a domestic architectural type, with a geometrically precise solar collection system to produce an entangled interior and exterior environment.  Both deform the other, and as the user interacts and interfaces with the pavilion, “Reflections” are observed in myriad ways, both as reflections of the user in the surface of the pavilion, but also as the catalysts for the production of unique MICROCLIMATES.

As the sun’s rays are focused on the same point throughout the course of the day, the center of the MICROCLIMATE ZONES will register more heat and become brighter environments.  As stated in the "TO EXTREMES" climate report, increasing temperatures will have various effects on existing environments.  These MICROCLIMATES will display the thermal and visual effects of the increased heat and light exposure in discrete pockets of landscape.  4 Distinct MICROCLIMATES in a single location will place on display the shifting nature of the climate as a departure from something normal. 

Four couplings: 1- Water and Evaporation, 2-Moisture and Drought, 3-Light and Shadow, + 4-Heat and Cold, will each exist as MICROCLIMATE zones in the surrounding landscape.  If the user stands at the focal point of the MICROCLIMATE ZONE, the observer sees themselves reflected in all of the panels simultaneously.


The Elevations Warp and Bend to refocus sunlight and perspective onto singular points int he landscape...

As the user moves around the exterior of the Pavilion, the concave pockets of space produce “MICROCLIMATES,” where sunlight is focused on a single point.  As the user meanders into the CLIMATE zones, they always see the focal point display reflected in the panels. 

This collaboration between the shape of the house, as an Object in the Landscape, and the production of hotter and brighter zones, produces a rethinking of the relationship between “YARD” and “HOUSE” redefining the continuous field into discrete climatic Zones. 

Interior Spaces swell and warp in repsonse to the refocusing on exterior climates...

The Elevations Warp and Bend to refocus sunlight and perspective onto singular points int he landscape...